A fast-paced life is responsible for issues like thinning and hair loss. It is normal to lose a few strands of hair if new follicles are replacing them. But, if this process is somehow not occurring naturally, you might need external help. Ayurvedic hair restoration comes as a saver in such a situation. You will find a solution for premature hair loss at MedSpa, Arizona.

What is an Ayurvedic Hair Restoration?

Our hair defines our personality and confidence level and needs maintenance as we age. This can be ensured by proper treatments and precautionary steps included in your routine. You can regrow your hair and fill the bald patches with Ayurvedic hair restoration techniques. These techniques are a combination of circulatory massages with growth-promoting oils, hair masks, and gentle washing of the hair.

Some techniques also include the use of derma rollers to promote cell growth and regenerate hair follicles. This can work on a number of issues like the itchy and scaly scalp, receding hairline, premature grey hair, and bald patches on the head. Additionally, you can switch from chemical products to more natural and ayurvedic ones to take care of your hair.


How Ayurvedic Hair Restoration works?

The MedSpa clinic team will assess your hair texture and the targeted hair loss areas. A result-oriented solution to promote natural growth and prevent any further hair loss is designed around the client. You may make some dietary changes to avoid oily, spicy, and fermented foods to avoid aggravated Pitta Dosha. It will help in reducing skin accumulation that can lead to hair thinning.

The root issue responsible for hair fall is addressed and targeted. Some detoxifying medicines and solutions are given to help the body get rid of the toxins that hinder hair growth. Your hair will be given hot steam to open the follicles. Ayurvedic hair oils rich in active components to work on the follicles will be massaged on your scalp with soft hands.

The oil will nourish your hair from root to tips and help with natural hair restoration promoting hair growth. After the oil massage, the hair will be washed with a mild cleanser. Some techniques use the method of derma rolling that involves the creation of scar tissue in the skin. It will take a few sittings to achieve the desired result with the right steps to care.


Benefits of Ayurvedic Hair Restoration

You can let the stress of falling hair go and let Ayurveda work its magic in your hair. Here are some benefits of Ayurvedic hair restoration done at MedSpa, Arizona,

  • Boost in confidence
  • Natural and permanent hair regrowth
  • Lesser grey hair
  • Reduction in dandruff and itchy scalp
  • Increase in hair strength
  • No bald patches

Ayurvedic Hair Restoration near me

The best part of Ayurvedic Hair Restoration is that it is free from any side effects, and you will see permanent results. You can book your consultation and appointment at MedSpa, Arizona, and Dr. Nandyala will help you restore your hair and confidence.

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